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RIB Software

Lead Partner

RIB Software is a pioneering enterprise committed to driving innovation and technological advances in the construction and real estate industries. RIB offers a wide range of products to support clients in all aspects of their business, including MTWO and iTWO costX.

MTWO Construction Cloud software is the future-proof solution for your digitalization success, offering a next-generation 5D BIM enterprise solution that connects all people, processes and data across the entire spectrum of the construction chain. www.mtwocloud.com.

iTWO costX can be used in conjunction with MTWO as an estimating component or as a standalone product, with 2D takeoff, 5D BIM support, integrated spreadsheets, Bid-Day system and customizable reports combined into one program to support your preconstruction processes.

Transform your construction with RIB Software using MTWO and iTWO costX today!