What previous attendees have to say about Advancing Preconstruction 

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“Very informative information pertaining to current market challenges.”

Andersen Construction

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“Great opportunity to network and learn about how the industry is dealing with these uncertain times.”

Ascend Wellness Holdings

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“It was a great learning experience! It was my first year attending and hoping that I am able to come back in the future. The quality of the presentation and diversity of vendors, speakers, etc. was great.”

Clark Construction

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“It was very informative. The speakers brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to their presentations. I particularly liked the panel discussions, as they brought different perspectives to specific issues.”

Bell Steel

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“Advancing Preconstruction 2022 provided a valuable opportunity to learn from experienced professionals about operational innovations and improvements for our industry.”

Hoffman Construction

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“Advancing Preconstruction 2022 was a great opportunity to network with the best of the best. Looking forward to next year!”


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“I came out of the project trenches to open my mind to think about the industry from a high level.”


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“Great event, Incredible like-minded individuals and firms, very informative, and organized by a top end company - Hanson Wade.”

Blue Mountain Development

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"Overall, I feel like this was a great conference. The event was extremely well put together and organized very well. The HW team was very professional, extremely nice and knowledgeable!"

Performance Contracting

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"Hanson Wade did a great job putting this seminar together and making sure that we were provided with quality speakers from an assortment of locations around the country.  The presentations were well put together and the speakers were very knowledgeable of their trade.  Well done!"

C Erickson & Sons

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"The Advancing Pre-Construction and Estimating Conference was an enjoyable experience that provided beneficial learning opportunities and interaction with construction peers throughout the country. Through educational classes, interaction with other industry leaders and networking, we were able to identify areas our company is succeeding, as well as areas that need to improve. Definitely worth attending each year."

Jacobsen Construction

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"Advancing Preconstruction & Estimating event provides quick growth opportunity for young professionals, allows seasoned managers to confirm excellence in practice and is a casual venue  for team building and networking. Time well invested for our Estimators and Managers."


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"This is an excellent event. It should be attended by all vendors, subcontractors, and General Contractors who are involved in the Estimating and Pre-Construction Process."

Schneider Electric

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"This was my first year attending Advancing Precon and Estimating.  I will definitely be back and will bring others from my team.  The team from Hanson Wade knows how to run a conference well.  As with any conference there are highs and lows but this one had significantly more highs and fewer lows than other conferences I have attended."


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"This conference stands alone in the AEC universe as a chance for forward thinking design phase building professionals to learn, collaborate and share successes and failures. The old model of fierce competition and silence among competitors must dissolve if we're going to respond to today's and tomorrow's challenges."

Beckenhauer Construction

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"This event was well organized, ran seamlessly, and had a wide range of topics to reach all areas of preconstruction for companies large or small."

ReArch Company