About Event

Advancing Preconstruction will be your best opportunity in 2023 to dive into the successes, challenges and learnings during the design phase of projects. Join over 1000 clients, designers, general contractors and trades as we go beyond theory and explore practical applications and tangible insights to optimize design and preconstruction.

What’s New in 2023?

Content for Every Project Stakeholder:
Whether you are the client, general contractor, trade or designer, we will have a specific track dedicated to your specific challenges, as well as focus on driving collaboration with the entire project team.

Improve Your Departmental Management Strategy:
Discover how team leaders are attracting and retaining the best talent, investing in learning and development, and driving productivity and efficiency.

Overcome Supply Chain Disruption:
Ongoing supply chain disruption and sourcing challenges continue to affect project delivery and margins. With no sign of these challenges alleviating, they will only intensify in 2023. Uncover the most innovative strategies to
minimize project delays, and overcome long lead times.

Deliver the Optimum Cost-Benefit Ratio:
Map out the step-by-step process for effective value engineering, optimize project communication, and harness lean methodologies.

Improve Accuracy of Estimates:
Dive into the latest approaches to better estimate during inflation, maximize BIM for estimation, conceptual estimation, and parametric estimation, and much more, to improve reliability and consistently win work for your firm.

Network With & Learn From Pioneering Design & Construction Professionals:
With more networking opportunities than ever before, get ahead of the curve, drive collaboration and meet your next project partners for 2023 and beyond.

Now is the time – discover how to build on budget, on scope, and at faster rates than ever before!

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