Day Two

8:00 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

8:10 am Owner Panel: Benchmarking Approaches to Inflation, Contract Preferences & Future Construction Demand


  • Hearing how inflationary pressure and cost uncertainty impacts the appetite to continue with a project, delay or pull completely
  • Understanding how owners are approaching contracts: more or less collaborative, more or less sharing or risk?
  • Outlining expectations for the years ahead in terms of demand for construction and how this might be impacted by economic conditions

9:00 am Revealing Enhanced Preconstruction Workflows: Data Transfer, Bill of Materials & Improved Insight

9:30 am
Morning Refreshments

10:00 am Case Study Breakouts

Fast-Paced Precon

10:00 am
Revealing Best Practice Preconstruction on Extremely Short, Low Budget Jobs in the Fast-Paced Interior/Retail Environment

  • Charles Esteves Director of Preconstruction, Schimenti Construction Company
  • Todd Gutrie Estimating Manager, Schimenti Construction Company


  • Outlining client expectations, the bidding culture in retail and the workload involved in winning jobs
  • Understanding the value of historical data, given the extremely short time available to estimate
  • Appreciating the short timespan allocated to preconstruction: what are the essentials in scheduling and design coordination that get prioritized?

Arctic & Northern Conditions

10:00 am
Exploring the Criticality of Getting Preconstruction Right for an Arctic or Other Northern Remote Project with Climate, Access & Logistics Complications

  • Jay Harding Director of Preconstruction Services, Clark Builders
  • Doug Haines Vice President, Operations (Energy & Resources), Clark Builders


  • Outlining the types of jobs conducted in the arctic and how climate and geography add restrictions and complications beyond traditional preconstruction
  • Hearing how extra time and resource is spent on procurement, ensuring the exact right materials, tools, equipment and worker accommodations are on the job site in advance – how to minimize or eliminate mistakes
  • Understanding the implications of climate on project schedules and working within winter and summer months: keeping projects on track and reducing the risk of delay
  • Examining the keys to northern success and the consequences of failing to get preconstruction right

The State of Construction

10:00 am
Revealing the Reality on Construction Spending, New Starts, Inflation & Jobs


  • Exploring the multi-year trend in construction spending and new starts through the pandemic and the recovery for key markets such as residential and other buildings
  • Assessing the real inflation number for your job and the implications for volume and productivity across the construction sector
  • Projecting how new starts data can predict spending in the years to come and expectations for the overall health of construction in the near future

Lessons Learned

10:00 am
Hearing How Insufficient Planning Led to Issues on an Infrastructure Project: Identifying Lessons Learned


  • Outlining the scope, budget and schedule for the project and how unexpected field conditions caused problems for the job
  • Assessing how having contractors involved earlier in the preconstruction process could have identified or mitigated the problem
  • Identifying lessons learned that can be applied to future projects to ensure a more comprehensive planning process

11:00 am Market Specific Networking


At this time we’ll allocate tables to specific markets and you’ll have the opportunity to meet clients, contractors and other project partners that prioritize that sector. Tables will be dedicated to:

  • Healthcare
  • Multi-Family Residential
  • Office & Multi-Use
  • Education Facilities
  • Government
  • Hospitality
  • Retail & Restaurant
  • Other Buildings
  • Industrial
  • Infrastructure

11:40 am
Networking Lunch

Track 1: Estimating


Download the Full Event Guide for full session details


12.40 Cost Forecasting Labor: Improving Visibility of Costs that You Need to Budget for Now but May Not Procure for Months or Years to Come

Phil Larson, Program Manager, Sound Transit

1.20 Exploring Toric’s Analytics Journey and What to Expect in the Next Few Years

Thiago da Costa, CEO & Co-Founder, Toric

1.50 Panel: Reviewing the Evolving Complexities of Conceptual Estimating & Cost Forecasting for the Years Ahead

Ed Zarenski, Construction Economics
Clark Taylor, VP Estimating, Mortenson Construction
Jayme Couchene, Project Development Director, The Boldt Company
Rose Jesse, Manager of Cost Estimating, Hazen & Sawyer

2.30 Afternoon Refreshments

Track 2: Specialty Trades
Track 3: Managing Supply Chain Uncertainty
Track 4: Design Coordination

All-Audience Sessions

3:00 pm Technology Presentations

3:30 pm Audience Discussion: Takeaways from the Conference


  • What are your core takeaways from the conference this year? What will you action back at the office?
  • What are the most significant trends in the industry that will force you and your team to innovate and adapt over the next 3 to 5 years?
  • What are you most excited about, and what are you most scared about in terms of changes to preconstruction over the coming years?

4:00 pm End of Conference