Conference Day Two

8:00 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Driving Collaboration to Achieve Preconstruction Excellence

8:10 am Panel: Discussing the Greatest Challenges Clients Face During Preconstruction to Determine How to Win Work & Build to Their Expectations


  • Uncovering client aspirations to bridge the communication gap between preconstruction and the client
  • Discussing how a streamlined deliverable package for the clients builds trust and instills confidence
  • Understanding client limitations and their attitude towards risk to build an approach that meets their needs, whilst minimizing reactionary tactics to unforeseen project changes

8:50 am Case Study: Increasing Collaboration Among All Project Stakeholders to Streamline Preconstruction From Start to Finish

  • Tony Harding Vice President, Whiting-Turner Contracting Company
  • Everet Simmons Director, Design and Construction, Moffitt Cancer Center
  • Sean Wilson Director - Healthcare Planning, The Beck Group


  • Highlighting how early involvement from contractors and trades influenced constructability of critical design details, prevented scheduling delays and reduced costs
  • Addressing the technologies that supported project team collaboration through greater transparency, minimizing silos, and sharing data
  • Harnessing lessons learned from problems that should have been taken into account in the planning stages to prevent recurring mistakes

10:00 am Morning Refreshments

Track 1: Client Leadership

Client Leadership

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Optimizing Overall Project Costs

10.30 Dedicating time in Upfront Planning to Improve Efficiency of the Project Schedule from Preconstruction to Substantial Completion

Jill Pearsall, Senior Vice President, Texas Children’s Hospital

11.15 Harnessing Lifecycle Analysis of the Built Asset to Balance Long-Term Price with Future Innovations

Patrick Duke, Managing Director, CBRE

Track 2: Design Phase Coordination
Track 3: Estimating
Track 4: Supply Chain
Track 5: Preconstruction Departmental Management
Track 6: Specialty Trades

12:30 pm Lunch Break

Looking Towards the Future

1:30 pm A Paradigm Shift for Preconstruction Services: Uncovering How Preconstruction is Changing for All Parties & What Expectations, Deliverables, & Processes Look Like Today

  • John Alley Project Director, Church of Jesus Christ
  • Vern Latham Partner - Vice President, VCBO Architecture


  • Explaining the power of leadership and trust through vulnerability in developing a solution-based approach to problem-solving
  • Illustrating processes and deliverables for each phase of preconstruction to improve efficiency and cost management across all projects
  • Harnessing real-time, data-driven, standard operating procedures to control and overcome cost escalation
  • Using Design Management and Variance Reporting to avoid project delays and additional costs resulting from redesign and outdated value engineering practices

2:10 pm Panel: Evaluating the Evolving Preconstruction Trends & What That Means For Your Firm


  • Discussing the evolution of procuring materials and equipment: Will online marketplaces cause bidding redundancies?
  • Addressing the latest data analytics tools and technologies companies are adopting to improve productivity and efficiency, increase the accuracy of estimates, and win work consistently
  • Evaluating the momentum of alternative project delivery methods: Moving from design-build to design-bid-build to IPD

2:50 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

3:00 pm End of Conference