Conference Day One

6:50 am Morning Networking, Refreshments & Badge Collection

8:10 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Overcoming Market Volatility

8:20 am Sharing an Overview of Inflation, New Starts, Jobs, & Construction Spending During Times of Increased Uncertainty


  • Factoring new construction starts, cashflow and volatility into account to better forecast the expected volume of work over the next 12 months
  • Understanding construction spending forecast over the next 2-3 years: How should you plan your business growth?
  • Determining which indices track inflation: How do you calculate and track inflation, and which indices should be used to accurately report costs?
  • Tracking job growth vs. spending growth vs volume of business growth to improve your understanding of the health of your firm

9:20 am The Future of Preconstruction is Here: A Roundtrip Data Journey


Preconstruction is widely recognized as the most critical phase of a project when it comes to protecting margins and reducing risk, increasing contractors’ and owners’ focus and investment in project planning, design, and technology.

  • Tying estimation to actual costs and allowing each project to inform the next with technology
  • Addressing how connected technology is changing preconstruction
  • Discussing how this has allowed companies like AMCAL to go from napkins to numbers in minutes

9:50 am Speed Networking & Morning Refreshments

10:40 am Panel: Discussing How Soaring Construction Demand Combined With Cost Escalation, Labor Shortages, & Supply Chain Challenges are Impacting Preconstruction


  • Understanding how industry leaders are repositioning their strategy to cope with the current demand for construction: What does this mean for preconstruction teams?
  • Leveraging information on the main components and materials causing delays and cost increases to overcome supply chain challenges
  • Discussing the current labor challenges that have arisen for preconstruction leads when attracting, recruiting, and retaining talent
  • Predicting the future market status: How can we prepare ourselves short-term and long-term to stay ahead of the curve in 2023 and beyond?

11:30 am Panel: Who Controls the Past Controls the Future: Kitchell’s Data-Driven Approach to Crushing Doubt & Uncertainty


  • Learning how preconstruction teams are using data to address cost escalation, labor shortages, and supply chain challenges
  • Discussing the shifting priorities of clients and the challenges of cost uncertainty and keeping projects on track
  • Understanding how preconstruction teams leverage cost transparency and modeling future costs to drive owner confidence
  • Discussing the collaboration between Kitchell and Join to meet the challenges facing Project Teams, and the power of memorializing historical costs and project nuances to aid in forecasting and future models

12:00 pm Lunch Break & App Game

Track 1: Design Phase Coordination

Design Phase Coordination

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Driving Project Team Collaboration

1.00 Optimizing Collaboration With Designers & General Contractors in Preconstruction to Ensure Constructability

Danny Gordon, Principal, Hunton Brady Architects
Mike Dillon, Preconstruction Manager, Batson-Cook Construction
Eric Canoura, Preconstruction Manager, Batson-Cook Construction
Sam Wellborn, Vice President of Program Management, Meadows & Ohly

1.45 Storytelling Three Tales of Pathos from Late Decisions in Preconstruction: The Importance of Communication

Charlie Dunn, Production Design, DPR Construction

2.25 Hassle-Free Hanger Configurators & the Manufacturers’ Role

Aya Rabab’ah, Manager, Technical Products, Atkore

2.55 Afternoon Refreshments

Optimizing Design-Build & Design-Assist

3.45 Panel: Implementing Design Assist for Improvements in Design Efficiency, Cost Management, & Speed to Installation

Paul Kirchhoff, Chief Revenue Officer, Epsilon Industries
Rusty Medlin, Vice President of Preconstruction, Joeris General Contractors
Gregory Williamson, Vice President of Preconstruction, BOND Building Construction

4.30 Audience Discussion: Enhancing Communication Processes for Progressive Design-Build Projects to Maximize Success in Preconstruction

5.10 Automating Risk Analysis for Construction

Adam Cisler, Senior Solution Engineer, Avvir

5.25 Advancing Preconstruction Happy Hour

Track 2: Estimating
Track 3: Preconstruction Departmental Management
Track 4: Client Leadership
Track 5: Specialty Trades
Track 6: Supply Chains