Conference Day One

7:50 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Overcoming Market Volatility

8:00 am Sharing an Overview of Inflation, New Starts, Jobs, & Construction Spending During Times of Increased Uncertainty


  • Factoring new construction starts, cashflow and volatility into account to better forecast the expected volume of work over the next 12 months
  • Understanding construction spending forecast over the next 2-3 years: How should you plan your business growth?
  • Determining which indices track inflation: How do you calculate and track inflation, and which indices should be used to accurately report costs?
  • Tracking job growth vs. spending growth vs volume of business growth to improve your understanding of the health of your firm

9:00 am Napkins to Numbers in Minutes


  • Received a napkin sketch and need to create a quick conceptual cost estimate that's more accurate than a $/SF guesstimate?
  • How should you organize your historical database to drive an accurate conceptual estimate?
  • What's the best way to build on the conceptual estimate and turn it into a detailed line item estimate?

9:30 am Morning Refreshments & Market-Specific Speed Networking

10:10 am Evaluating the State of Real Estate Today: How Does Real Estate Financing Impact Construction?

  • Michael Yazbec Executive Managing Director, National Industries Lead, Jones Lang LaSalle


  • Addressing the critical inputs real estate firms look for when investing in a specific project to evaluate why markets are increasing or decreasing in value
  • Understanding how real estate firms run their financial pro forma on projects: What are the critical inputs they look for besides construction input and land value
  • Leveraging real estate investment information to assess the true cost of spending and borrowing on projects, and address how lucrative projects will be

10:50 am Panel: Discussing How Soaring Construction Demand Combined With Cost Escalation, Labor Shortages, & Supply Chain Challenges are Impacting Preconstruction


  • Understanding how industry leaders are repositioning their strategy to cope with the current demand for construction: What does this mean for preconstruction teams?
  • Leveraging information on the main components and materials causing delays and cost increases to overcome supply chain challenges
  • Discussing the current labor challenges that have arisen for preconstruction leads when attracting, recruiting, and retaining talent
  • Predicting the future market status: How can we prepare ourselves short-term and long-term to stay ahead of the curve in 2023 and beyond?

12:00 pm Lunch Break

Track 1: Client Leadership

Client Leadership

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Setting Expectations With Your Team

1.00 Audience Discussion: Considering a Client’s Optimum Involvement in Preconstruction

1.45 Case Study: Hiring the Best Team for Your Project to Ensure Every Partner is Committed to Your Mission

Stuart Eckblad, Vice President, Major Capital Projects, UCSF Health

Fred Whitney, Executive Director of Project Delivery, UCSF Health

3.00 Afternoon Refreshments

Minimizing Cost & Schedule Risks

3.45 Building Contingency Plans into the Budget & Schedule to Overcome Last-Minute Challenges That Arise

Chris Kennedy, Vice President of Preconstruction, Western National Group

4.30 Building Design & Preconstruction Standards to Ensure Your Project Team Achieve Your Vision

Heather Dilley, National Director, Preconstruction & Project Engineering, Medxcel
Nancy Coleman-Davis, Director, Design Integration, Medxcel

5.25 Advancing Preconstruction Happy Hour

Track 2: Design Phase Coordination
Track 3: Estimating
Track 4: Supply Chain
Track 5: Preconstruction Departmental Management
Track 6: Specialty Trades