Day Two

10:20 am Opening Session: Regional Networking

11:00 am Why Evolving Industry Challenges Demand Preconstruction Be Reoriented to the Forefront of Your Firm’s Priorities

11:30 am Morning Refreshments & Networking

12:20 pm Choice of Track

Plenary – Choice of Sessions

4:10 pm Panel: Outlining the Vendor Selection Process & Who Gets a Seat at the Table

  • CJ Best Director of Manufacturing, McKinstry
  • David Maser Director of Construction Innovation , IMC Construction
  • Eric Whobrey Director of Technology, Arco Murray National Construction


• Hearing who’s involved in the technology procurement process at different firms: where does the hard and soft power lie between finance, IT, and individual functions?
• Learning what tasks are conducted to review a tool and what criteria to include on a scorecard to improve confidence that you’re making the right choice
• Understanding what is expected from the vendor through the process and how services such as training and support are assessed in addition to the technology itself

4:10 pm Executing Change Management During Design Development to Facilitate a Successful Construction Phase


• Outlining the design decision timeline and defining the demarcation of design development vs change
and discussing why this can vary between the stakeholders and the buyout approach
• Analyzing methods to communicate and disseminate change and design development updates during preconstruction
• Detailing how to manage and document decisions that must be made to complete design when enough
information isn’t available to make a final decision in preconstruction

5:30 pm End of Day Two