Omar Dandashi

Omar Dandashi

Company: Blue Mountain Development

Job title: Executive VP


Hearing How Insufficient Planning Led to Issues on an Infrastructure Project: Identifying Lessons Learned
10:00 am

Outlining the scope, budget and schedule for the project and how unexpected field conditions caused problems for the job Assessing how having contractors involved earlier in the preconstruction process could have identified or mitigated the problem Identifying lessons learned that can be applied to future projects to ensure a more comprehensive planning processRead more

day: Day Two: Lessons Learned

Owner Panel: Benchmarking Approaches to Inflation, Contract Preferences & Future Construction Demand 8:10 am

Hearing how inflationary pressure and cost uncertainty impacts the appetite to continue with a project, delay or pull completely Understanding how owners are approaching contracts: more or less collaborative, more or less sharing or risk? Outlining expectations for the years ahead in terms of demand for construction and how this might be impacted by economic…Read more

day: Day Two

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